There is no room for bullying, hazing and inappropriate behavior at Abington softball! There is also zero tolerance for social isolation or cyberbullying.  Consequences for these actions will range from team suspension to team expulsion.  


Cell phones are to remain in your bag at all times. You are here to play softball.  Social media can wait.  If you have to use your phone you may ask the coach prior to use. There are exceptions for emergencies. Video recording without a players' or coaches' consent is strictly prohibited. 


You are required to wear a helmet in all hitting drills. If you wear a facemask in the field, you are required to wear it in drills.  We practice like we play.  Always have outdoor and indoor shoes in your bag.  All players are also required to wear softball pants, socks and a tucked-in shirt when practicing. Even indoors unless you are told otherwise. If we practice outside and it is cold players should wear a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt tucked-in. No sweatshirts are to be worn in practice or games.


You are required to maintain passing grades to play at the JV and Varsity level.  We will receive a weekly list of ineligible students. Ineligible students will not be allowed to participate in practice or games until you have met the school's eligibility requirements. HOWEVER, you must still attend practice and home games in uniform. You will not be allowed to take the bus to away games. In some cases, Ineligible grades happen because  class/homework has not been graded.  You will need to advocate on your behalf for your teacher to enter the grades so that you can be cleared to play. 


Under no circumstances is it ok to disrespect your team or coaches. Repeated behavior will result in suspension or expulsion from the team.  Captains will be an extension of our coaches, if they are assisting with a drill, we expect that you give them your full attention and respect. Always be grateful for the sacrifices made by your coaches, parents and/or guardians. 


You are a high school student.  You are required to communicate to your coaches directly.  Coaches will only communicate with you via the Team Snap app.  Under no circumstances is it ok to communicate with a coach via text message. Please include two coaches in every message. If you are a JV player, you are required to include head coach Tina Hesdon in all communication to your coaches.


All players are required to assist with equipment.  Players may not leave the field until all the equipment is put away. On away games players are required to bring equipment on an off the bus. Coaches do not carry equipment.


Any injury sustained in practice or games MUST be reported to the school’s Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) as soon as possible for evaluation, physician referral, and/or treatment. If a Student-Athlete is injured outside of school, they are ENCOURAGED to report the injury to the ATC for evaluation.


You may discuss concerns about playing time with the coaching staff in a constructive manner, outside of practice time, games, and the team dugout.  Playing time is not guaranteed. Positions are not granted based on seniority. Playing time is given based on attitude, hustle, Softball IQ, skillset and previous in-game performance.


You are required to attend ALL in season practices, scrimmages, games, and team functions. Absences will be approved by the head coach. Unexcused absences will result in limited playtime. Voluntary off-season participation is strongly recommended. The most important work is done in an off-season. 


Keep in mind drills are meant to focus on specific technical and tactical skills. If you have a question about a drill, please ask. We always expect 100% effort! No excuses... No complaints!


You must pay attention, cheer and support your team. You must remain in the dugout and/or on the bench while the game is going on. You are not allowed to sit with parents or spectators.  Parents are not permitted to be in the dugout area.


High School sports are serious, but we want you to have fun too!  We will find ways to incorporate fun drills and team bonding time into practices. 


You don't get to pick your teammates. If you have had issues with a teammate in the past, it cannot create issues within the team.  


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